Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's OK

Some people may laugh about the topic, but I just say "It's ok". Some words are very important for our lives but we don't acknowledge them. When a friend places his hand on your shoulders and says "It's ok", when a mother shows her sympathy to broken dreams of her son/daughter and says "it's ok", when you have nothing to say about someone's sadness, depression and frustration and you say "it's ok", it really becomes ok. Because by saying these words you assure that all these circumstances are just for now and temporary. You incorporate the Godly messege with your "it's ok" that "Don't worry, these are just tests which you have to pass, and failure in this temporary world doesn't matter much." By saying these words, you assure your own presence and also remind that your presence is much more important than the circumstances. So, the problem is half solved. Have you ever imagined these not-to-be-acknowledged words can solve your problems that much? It's good if you have, but if not, It's ok. :)


Ali said...

wow u stopped writing again.. dnt do it man keep going and btw happy belated birthday :) :)

Rehan Damani said...

Thanks for the wishes Ali, i'll start writing again soon !

ReeBz said...

In my opinion it depends on your perception.
saying "its ok" does not always make you comforted and satisfied.To me, it feels that the person is just annoyed by me and he wants to get rid of me so he Using two simple words "its Ok"
i really need long sentences showing care,sypathy and love rather than just Ok.