Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Life has its twists and turns. Sometimes a person feels bad, sometimes good. But does that mean he should start thinking that life is not worth living? Many people will agree that he should not think like that. Many people will advise that problems occur in every individual's life but that doesn't mean he can't solve it. If he takes his failure as a step towards success, he will surely succeed someday in his life. We always advise people who are depressed this way, although somewhere in our mind we know that this might not come true always. But we console him that way as we know that only this approach can light the fire of hope.

We, somewhere, know that where pessimism starts, hope ends and ultimately chances for success are much lesser.

Then why we never adopt this approach for our nation? Yes, our nation has problems. But should we start thinking that these problems will never end? Or we should take it as a step towards future success? Media portrays Pakistan as a hopeless country having ever-increasing problems. Our so-called intellectuals have dug out so much in history which they can use in arguments against the formation of Pakistan. Excessive criticism and pessimism have collaborated in making them lose trust on the country. Will this loss of trust benefit us in any way? If we agree that an individual can benefit from hope and trust on himself, then we should agree that only hope and trust on our collective self can benefit us.

Many of us will assert that they are not pessimist. That maybe the case, but first we must analyze ourselves and our thinking patterns before jumping to conclusions. Pessimism maybe present in its most dangerous form, its unconscious form. Often people who have pessimistic approach are not even aware that they are pessimistic. This goes for our intellectuals too.

Pessimism leads us to nowhere. It’s a force of friction against our individual and national goals. This force must be identified and must be destroyed with hope and patience.