Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Excessive Criticism

Criticising is seen as a tool for improvement. When someone criticises, you try to take it positively and build upon his observations. But should there be any limit to criticism?

While reading history, I found out that East has been excessively criticised. By this, the "positive" side of the history of East faded away. Take the history of Islam, there are many western writers who would make you feel that Islam is some kind of "evil tendency". Even, atheists have criticised God so much that they deprived themselves of religion. Off course, attitude of criticising excessively makes you feel like "This world is false".

I am not against criticism, but I don't agree with criticising something so much that it loses grains of truth. The thing being criticised should not become the mythical "absolute villain". An honest analysis must acknowledge both positive and negative sides of the picture.