Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Change and The Inside War

Usually we are inclined to form opinion about people. Some people, we think, are bad and some are good, some can be trusted while others can never be. These opinions may last longer than our lifetimes. However, have we ever asked ourselves, are we justified in doing so? If you feel the answer should be 'yes', you must be thinking that 'people never change', which I think eventually means that you don't want them to change or you will never accept if they ever change. On the contrary, analysis of human behaviour suggests that people are prone to change. There are two major reasons for that:

Firstly, every human is exposed to different circumstances. They teach lessons nobody can ever teach. Mistakes make people learn and improve. Circumstances can also affect people in negative ways, depending on different choices and perceptions of poeple which help them derive conclusions out of circumstances. These are really tests from God, He places human in different situations in which he/she has to make a choice, and depending on the choice, people change. So, it's irrational to assume that someone will never change.

Secondly, there is a war within ourselves, of good and evil, of selfishness and selflessness, of hope and despair, of happiness and pessimism, of everything that brings us to life and everything that keeps us away from it. I call it "The Inside War". Inside every person, this war goes on till he/she exists. Whenever, the 'good side' is dominant, person is inclined to do things and make choices that are more humane, and vice-versa. Here, religion plays a role, only blessings from God can make the 'good side' be always dominant. So, forming an opinion about someone means that you think that only one side will remain dominant in The Inside War, which itself is quite inhumane.

Every person is divine creature of God and deserves chance. It just depends on ourselves if we are able to see the good side dominating in the person or not. Whatever you may think about someone, you must ensure one thing always: the good side must never be disappointed due to lack of opportunity.