Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Need for Compassion

Human being is a mystery of God, something which He has created. Circumstances are also result of God's will. Whatever is the discretion of human being over the circumstances, the product of mysteries of human action and circumstances reflect the divine will. Whenever we see a human being, with all his colours, we see something divine.

Today when we don't hesitate to humiliate someone, to show our disrespect to someone, or even become enemies with someone, we need to ask ourselves how we look at this divine creation of God? Someone who is created and nurtured by God or someone who is devilish just because he or she doesn't belong to our religion or ethnicity? or perhaps, doesn't have the same perspective of looking at things as we do?

This mysterious creature of God is really difficult to understand. However, what we need is a try, a serious attempt to listen to others. Not just try to identify where the other is not similar to us, but to put ourselves in their shoes and think in their perspective, with knowledge of the biasness we already possess. Maybe then, we will start respecting others. Maybe then, we will start living a compassionate life.

Thanks Karren Armstrong for making me understand this.