Saturday, November 14, 2009

To the people of Pakistan

Hey you!... Yes you Mr. Pakistani... I want to say something to you:

Surprised that someone called you Pakistani? Have you ever felt like being a "Pakistani" instead of being Punjabi, Pushtun, Balochi, Sindhi? Do you know how does it feel when you consider yourself a Pakistani? You must learn that.

I know you will ask, Why?

I've been examining your actions and thoughts since years now and I must comment that there is much incongruity in what you wish and what you do.

You wish that law and order situation should be stable, then why don't you just respect law? Why do you break that traffic signal almost every day when you drive? Why do you bribe officials to get your work done? Why you never vote honestly?

You wish that poverty should end, then why do you want to accumulate wealth for yourself? Why you never try to help people? If you think that people of Pakistan should do that then why just you don't play your own part?

You wish to be independent of any foreign influence, then why do you just improve yourself so that you don't have to beg for help?

You wish that the problems which Pakistan is facing must end, then why you don't solve them? or just at least try? Why you always complain? Why never you complain for your own inaction?

I know why, and I can tell you the secret.

This is because, you never feel like Pakistani. You never feel that Pakistan is your nation. You never talk to yourself like I'm talking to myself right now.

Just once, feel the nation we are !!