Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Reinstated

Love. “The ideal which can’t be achieved”, “Only found in good novels and bad movies”, “Never to be believed in”…
These are the approaches which we have now adopted by assessing the appearances of reality.

This thing, which we don’t believe, first originates in the eyes of mother when a person is born. This “ideal” thing goes parallel with the existence of human in the early stages of his life. Then, this “not to be believed in” thing is transferred to human, and he starts feeling the same for his/her parents. Then it grows for friends. One day, it evolves as energy for a special someone. No matter what happens this energy remains even in the most adverse of the circumstances. When a person starts a relationship, it then takes a form of bonding. Then it automatically reaches its peak for the children.

Alas! We have started thinking differently. I must show you the difference before I give reasons for the same.

When a mother loves her child, we say “It is her duty”, or “Every mother does it nothing special”. When the child grows, he loves his parents; we say “Every child is attached to parents nothing special”. When a person loves his friends, we say “It will stop obviously with time or with loss of common grounds between them”. When it evolves as a special energy for someone, it is not acknowledged, it is mixed with lust / attraction. Then after a person is committed to a relationship, he laments that he is committed. When a person has children, he thinks that he just have to fulfill his duties.

Well, I know above statements are not true for every circumstance, as energy of love is still felt by the humans, although with diminished frequency.

The main reason why Love left us, or why we left Love, is that we stopped believing in it. We have started criticizing everything which has no appearance to our senses. Love, which emerges in the hearts of people who believe in it, is gone away from world as people have started criticizing its existence. We have become people of senses. It is not that we should leave our senses and start believing every superficial thing, but we must remember that superficial exists. Every human has mystical experiences which he can easily point out in his life. But he seldom acknowledges them.

God, and God’s love is also superficial. It never appears but gives signs of its existence. If this form of Love exists then every other form also exists. Love for humans is just a derivation from Love for God.

“Love doesn’t exist”, it is a normal statement by an adult who falls in adverse circumstances. Yes, Love doesn’t exist because you mix it with your need for relationships. Love doesn’t exist as you lament on its existence when circumstances are adverse. You think Love will give you something. Yes it will. But a superficial thing can just give you feelings. It is not an investment from which you seek return. It exists if you continue to believe in it. Just as God is always there for those who believe in him.


Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Love is usually accompanied by certainty: doubts do not exist where Love is.

ReeBz said...

Without love there is no life. life is not a duty,its a sweet feeling experinced by all human beings.The need is just to find it.
Even if you have had bad experinces,still there is love in your heart somewhere..for someone..
When the love leaves you,humanity leaves you too!

Rehan Damani said...

"When the love leaves you,humanity leaves you too!"

When I read this, I recalled that I tried to explain a related concept to a friend and he just debated with me against it, it was:

"Existence of this world is an evidence of the existence of Love"

Maybe we're getting so called "real" that is why we can't feel love. But I believe one day we will realize.....

ReeBz said...

its again something to do with one's perceptions and field of experiences.
Sure, if you dont have good experiences with love, you will always associate even the good aspects of love with the bad ones.
And if you are a happy person and you have always received what you expected from life than you'll be rather an optimistic person .